Vegas baby...with a Toddler!

We kicked our vacay off with a bang! Heading to meet the family in Vegas! Not pictured-the crazy dry heat. We enjoyed help with William, tons of food, drinks, and some much needed pool time.  



With the heat and humidity taking over our Summer a trip to Smorgasburg was on the bucket list. We probably would have eaten a ton more had it not been so hot but we definitely took advantage of the cold eats! Here are a couple of our favs. 


The lovely word, "Mama"

Every mother melts when their baby starts saying mama, it's a given. I absolutely love it. Lately, as William has started to speak more this happens to be his favorite word. Mama help, mama no, no mama no no no!  When he's angry what does he say? Mama, mama, mama! All have been said a million times this week. Yes, I love to hear him call me Mama but this week it's got me thinking a little more about being a "tiger mom". I've watched him gravitate to this word because it a)gets my attention and b)I immediately stop what I'm doing to offer help or assist him. Luckily, after I caught myself rolling my eyes at him while he was yelling at me (yes, not a proud mom moment) but it got my attention to what my goal is for the upcoming week. Which is- step back, give encouragement, but let him attempt things on his own. I want him to feel comfortable to try and not feel like he has to have my help for everything. So as difficult as this will probably be my weekly goal is out & as much as I love hearing him call me Mama I know this is a must! Tips are always welcome:)

Cheers to William yelling Mama! 

Governors Island

Mother's Day is a the day every year I like to reflect on how blessed I am and appreciate the Mother's in my life. This was our very first Mother's Day in the city and it was nothing short of special. This year after doing brunch we decided to go to my favorite close getaway- Governors Island. I fell in love with it last summer when we got the chance to explore. As it keeps developing I can't help but share how much fun it is! Here's the details of our first trip to Governors Island in 2017. 

Ferry Ride: William's favorite part! He loves boats and I wouldn't be surprised if he has one when he gets older! He was so proud to walk his scooter on! You can buy a ferry pass for $20 for the year. (We totally did because we know we're going to keep going) 


Once we got to the island we set out to rent our bikes! There are two different rentals but we went with Citibike for the day.  


And we were off! The bike path goes around the entire island. Think views, serenity, and safety. 


Not only are there bike paths but there are walking paths to take to capture the amazing views. A little bit of a hike but worth it!  


Food trucks! Yep, right by the playground happens to be tons of food trucks! If you want a beer, Colombian food, or ice cram it's there! We grabbed some ice cream! 


After eating our ice cream we set out to explore! We found slides, hammocks, and even a kids junk yard! Love gardens? Well there's one there too! 


After a patch of rain this rainbow was found. It truly was the cherry on my Mother's Day! There are a ton of events coming up on the island and I really encourage you to take advantage! It's beautiful and a little escape very close to the city! We can't wait to go back to the island! 

Cheers to Governor Island. 


Jersey City/Hoboken Adventure

We live a 10 min boat ride away from Jersey City and after almost a year haven't visited. I know, we're the worst! But that all changed last weekend. We actually decided to head to Target in Jersey City to buy bicycles. What was suppose to be an hour trip turned into a full day and then we went back to Hoboken the next day! (Actually didn't buy the bicycles) Check out some of the highlights from our trip. (You must go yourselves)

 William's obsessed with boats so when he found out we'd be taking a boat he was beyond excited. What I discovered is the boat was super nice and only 10 minutes!  

William's obsessed with boats so when he found out we'd be taking a boat he was beyond excited. What I discovered is the boat was super nice and only 10 minutes!  


I, of course, had to get a coffee! When we walked past 9 Bar Cafe I knew I wanted their coffee! Super cute inside & tons of baked goods! The crossants were to die for! I also found out they offer coffee education classes occasionally. Sounds amazing!


Take the light rail! So clean! The second day we went it was raining so after taking the boat we jumped on the light rail. William again thought it was extra cool so points for mama!


This was William's pit stop to potty & grab a donut at his lovely Dunkin Donuts. 


If you haven't checked out Hudson House of Play, you must. It's cozy, tons of toys, cute pretend play, and they offer classes. I thought William would be ready to go in an hour but we ended up staying 2 hours!! 


We couldn't help but go to Ben & Jerry's on our walk back! It was a little piece of Vermont!  


Cheers to new explorations!  

Central Park Zoo

I have been dying to take William to the Central Park Zoo to check it off of our bucket list. Today, we finally did it. Such a gorgeous day (a little cold) but a great zoo day. I can't stand when it's so humid out that it's miserable. Ever since William was a tiny little thing we would go to the zoo's. Watching his little face light up is always my favorite. 


Here are a couple reasons why you should go to the zoo this month if you're in the city:

1. The weather is perfect. Let's be honest a day at the zoo when it's super humid is disgusting. Right now, it's not too crowded and doable.

2. They're showing a 4d movie in their theater. It happens to be Ice Age. I was worried William would be terrified but he actually thought it was hilarious. Just a heads up that you do get squirted with a little bit of water.

3. The views. I can't say enough about the views. It doesn't feel like you're in the city until you look up and see the magnificent views of the city. Even William was impressed.

4. There's a children petting zoo area. Obviously a huge hit with my monster. We spent a lot of time there. Reminder to bring cash for the feed.


Cheers to our first trip of many to the Central Park Zoo! 

The Mama Collection Wine You Need

If you haven't heard me say a million times- I love wine. I also love contributing to a great cause. Mix in some of my favorite mompreneurs and I present to you Speak Wines- The Mama Collection. 

The wines are obviously gorgeous. I mean these quotes can relate to everyone.

The best part? A portion of sales goes to organizations that help mothers and children in need. 

So which mompreneurs are a part of the collection?

 Hey Mamas- Amri & Katya, founders of Heymama. The platform that inspires, creates community and supplies wonderful events. An absolute necessity for mompreneurs. 

Alli Webb- The founder of Dry Bar

Leslie Bruce- NY Bestseller author and contributor who I happen to be obsessed with. 

Morgan Hutchison- Founder of Shop Buru

Nickole Neves- Owner of Sequins Productions

Kelly Mckee-Zajfen- Owner of Little Minis

If the labels don't convince you enough, I'm giving you the final push to start "wining" down for a good cause!

Cheers to Momprenuers + Speak Wines + The Mama Collection


Blog Drought

Long time, no see. I've been struggling to sit down and post on our personal blog. Yes, I've become blog lazy. It's not so much of not wanting to blog, it's more finding the peace and quiet to blog. To get back into the groove of things, I've decided to play a little catch-up. The last couple weeks we've been lucky to have many guests. These special guests happened to be both sets of grandparents visiting back to back weeks. William has been flooded with love, attention, and clearly only child syndrome. Instead of naming every activity we did during their trips, I thought it'd be better to show it in our pictures. Ps-we're still exhausted! 







Cheers to family visits & returning from my blog drought!

Screw Toddler Sleeping Books

Yep, I totally said it. Don't get me wrong I love to read. I love advice and recommendations. However, I've had enough. I keep searching in books of things I'm doing wrong to get William to sleep but I've come to a new conclusion, I'm never going to find the answer. William is his own child and no matter how much I panic there's not a manual for being a mother to him. This is a fact that I thought I discovered years ago. However, for some reason when I get to an area of toddlerhood that isn't familiar I panic and look for answers.

Why? Because like all mothers you want to be the best mother you can be. William has been refusing his only nap of the day and then refusing to go to sleep early at all. Some say let him stay up till he crashes and gets back on schedule but his schedule is nonexistent. He will stay up all night if you let him. I hear all these mothers chat about their kids going to be around 8 pm. This sounds like a fantasy. William wouldn't dare until 9 pm. Things to do to get him to go to bed early-well I have certainly tried. Guess what? It didn't work. If I do get him to sleep before 10 pm then he somehow ends up in our bed. Which okay, totally fine. Until-he takes over our bed and kicks the crap out of me. Today I find myself writing while he woke up late and then fell asleep early. I totally don't get it. I do, however, know I'm going to quit questioning myself and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Screw following every recommendation and guide word for word. No more sleep theories, or guides. The best type of help is support. Why? Because it helps YOU grow and YOU become the mama you are supposed to be. Something I truly believe in helping mothers. 

Cheers to not understanding toddlers and being okay with that! 

The Waldorf Birthday

My birthday present from the boys came a little early this year and it couldn't have been more perfect. The boys booked us a room at the Waldorf. Why is this special? Because we stayed just days before it officially closed for renovations. I mumble things all of the time to Sebastian. He has learned to dig through all of those things and to listen to what I'm really trying to say. A wonderful trait my husband has. Well, the week before I had been mumbling about what a shame it was that we had never stayed at the Waldorf and I was super bummed that it was closing for renovations. I honestly didn't think anything of it. I carried on my day as normal. I actually had work. With a double party booked I was exhausted and terribly late on leaving. I also was getting all my texts late. Earlier in the day, Sebastian had sent me a text of William all dressed up eating a cookie. I totally thought they had just went to a Dartmouth event and nothing of it. I had promised to meet them after I left work at an address (Starbucks) they had given me. I thought we were just going to grab food. I was late leaving and couldn't find a cab so power walked to the address. To my surprise- the boys were dressed up super cute. They both has suits jackets on. I of course apologized and then they told me to follow. I was completely out of it. I didn't pay attention at all. They walked me straight into the Waldorf. I remember thinking, we must be having dinner here because it's closing. However, they took me to the elevator..


I was beyond excited and amazed. How amazing is it to walk into a Waldorf room with this? I, of course, teared up. The boys had booked a room, grabbed all of my stuff, and showered me with champagne. I mean nothing is more sweet than your husband grabbing all of the items you need to get dressed up. 


The room was so perfect! Sebastian even packed William's robe so we could all wear robes. 


Sebastian told me that wasn't the only thing going on today. Apparently, Uncle Alex's flight got canceled and he was on his way back to the city. He told me Alex could either take William to our house or everyone stay. Many would have picked alone time but I love spending time with our family. I wanted us all to celebrate. We had two beds in the room and it was perfect for our whole family! We all went to explore the hotel after champagne. 


After spending around an hour exploring. Alex and William were exhausted. Alex had been traveling back and forth pretty much all day and William had been enjoying the Waldorf since 10am. I sent them up to the room to have pizza and lay down. This was like William's dream. Sebastian and I decided to go eat at the restaurant downstairs. While ordering drinks, we realized there was a drink special that included one of the Waldorf Cocktail books. I had to get one. We both decided to end this era of the Waldorf before the renovation and to make memories we were going to have any staff that helped us that night sign our book. 


After drinks, stories from the staff, and tons of food we headed to bed. The next morning we had a fab breakfast and hung out around the hotel. The hotel was full of people like us and staff who were sad to say goodbye. I was sad to head home but the memories will stay with me forever. I'm so very blessed to have amazing boys in my life to spoil me with amazing adventures and memories. 


Cheers to my early birthday present and kicking off my birthday month!