The "Perfect" Preschool

Before I had a child or had experience in education I would have totally thought that all preschool are the same & if you pay more the education is better...wrong! After experience in education and as a mother that is nothing but far from the truth. So many different people write tips on picking the right preschool but what happens when you pick one and then you think it might be actually wrong? Well I've got some tips for you because this actually happened to us. We fell in love with a school but after the start of the school year actually found out it wasn't a great fit for William. After a bit of a transition, we did find the perfect school for him and are over joyed with his experience now. Before I give you the tips take a deep breathe and know that the fact you're questioning whether it's a great fit makes you a wonderful mom. Moms worry. It's a sign of wanting what's best for your child! Now grab some coffee & go through these questions to help you. 

  1. Does your child actually say they hate the school? This should be an indication that something is off. If your child is constantly fighting you to go to school or says they actually hate it, red flag! Obviously kids can be dramatic but acknowledge what they are saying. Trying and ask why. You'd actually be surprised what they might say. 
  2. Are you noticing things that shouldn't be noticed? Are they 
  3. Is your child behaving differently? Is your child angry, frustrated, or even sad when they're home? This might actually be because they can't communicate to you what's going on. 
  4. Does drop off go well? Does your child kick and scream when you drop off? It's easy for children to have separation anxiety but it's not normal when the child doesn't do it in other situations. For example scream at drop off's for school but then doesn't have anxiety when leaving for a date night with a sitter or other form of drop off. 
  5. How is the communication with teachers? Communication is so key for beginning school. Are you noticing avoidance when you drop off or pick up. Do they not really have anything to say to you? Well speaking as a former educator, they should have something to say. If they can't tell you anything about their day, there's something going on. 
  6. Are you happy with the communication? Do you feel troubled and helpless? Teachers and parents should work together not feel stranded by any means.
  7. Have you addressed concerns? If you have, what have they said? If they brush it off when you show them your concerns this is a time to rethink the fit.
  8. Are they fixable? This is such a valuable question. Are you able to fix the situation. There's no use in putting in the work to fix if you're never going to be able to move past things that have happened. 
  9. Do you have a backup school? Let's be honest you can't just pull your child out of a school without a solution. Look at other schools, plan a backup, know what's in your contract. 
  10. Have you taken a look at other schools? Speaking from experience, we didn't have a back up and we're so lucky to find the perfect fit. Plan ahead. Always keep a school for a backup. You just never can be so sure! 

No parent ever wants to go through a school transition after they've thought they picked the right school. However, things happen. Every child is different. Our previous school was great we picked it but it just wasn't a good fit for our child. Know your child, and know what they need. So corny, but when you find the perfect fit you will know and your child will totally show it. Words can't describe how big of a change our child is since we found him the perfect school!  


Cheers to finding the perfect school!