A birthday for Daddy!

I definitely love birthdays! I love Sebastian's birthday even more. Ever since we began dating I have loved planning special celebrations for him. The best by far was a surprise trip to Louisville. So topping it each year has become fun! This year I decided to have a small get together at our house with all of his favorite things and people. How did that top last year? Well take a look at the cake!  


It's not just a normal birthday cake it's a custom cake from Malena Tillous Cake Design! I was so lucky to meet Malena who happens to live a couple blocks away! Melena creates the most wonderful cakes! Not only does she truly make delicious cakes, they are a work of art. I literally told her Sebastian's favorite things and she incisions the rest. I'd love to share you a little bit about Malena and how she got into making the most wonderful cakes.

Malena didn't start out knowing she wanted to do cakes. She actually wasn't interested in cooking until after her husband proposed. He begged her to learn to cook because he was quite worried. When they moved to NYC she had to quite her job so with some extra time she was determined to learn. She began experimenting. When her first child turned 1, and she needed to make him a birthday cake she fell in love with baking + decorating. When her second child was born she enrolled in The Institute of Culinary Education. She became a graduate of Pastry and Baking Arts. She had the chance to intern with talented bakers and chefs. She learned so very much and has been making cakes ever since. 

I'm absolutely obsessed with her cakes and can't speak enough on how talented she is. I'm usually not a fan of eating the fondant but I couldn't stop! The chocolate cake itself was so moist! When I started passing out the cake once everyone took a bit they were asking for another piece. Not to mention how obsessed William was with the cake. He requested it for breakfast the next morning. He even ate the fondant moose off the top. If you're needing a cake in the city you must call Malena!  


With a mixture of empananadas from Empanada Mama, Meri Meri decorations, pizza decor, a beautiful cake, great friends, and Dartmouth touch Sebastian's birthday was a hit! 

Cheers until the next birthday!