Buttermilking Our Weekend

What a weekend! With a crazy week first, we tried to get organized before attending our dear friends wedding at Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa. Long story short, it didn't happen. We actually had planned for William to stay in the city with family but when changes happened we had to decide fast what to do. Sebastian had to take the train first and then we were suppose to follow. We actually ended up coming on the train the following morning because I was so far behind in packing and etc.. Talk about being nervous, I was a little anxious about figuring out what train to take, how to buy a ticket, and get on the train with a crazy toddler. As scary as it seems it actually wasn't bad. We took an Uber to Grand Central & then it was a piece of cake with the app to get tickets and figure out where to go! Highly recommend downloading the app before attempting. William thought the train was the coolest thing ever so to my surprise he was so well behaved. 


I knew William & I were quite excited to see our friends to celebrate Uncle Mikes + Wing Kay's wedding, but I didn't think William would get as much excited as he did! The wedding took place at Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa. I knew it was going to be beautiful because it was chosen by Mike and Wing Kay but that doesn't give it justice. The inn is massive and gorgeous. We assumed we were just staying in a room at the inn but we actually stayed in a house with all of the other members of the wedding. William walked into our room and said, "Wow!" Clearly for the tv that he saw but mommy said the same thing for the perfect view you could see. After settling in, we went out to explore. William still has his country roots with wanting his shoes off and searching for sticks. 


I was so lucky to find an awesome sitter to watch William at the house while we attended the wedding. She actually took him to the barn with the animals and to walk around the grounds. We set out to walk to the ceremony.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Thank goodness for no rain! It was such a fun time with friends and beautiful. Some pics below. 

Our typical Wedding Picture  

Our typical Wedding Picture  


The night was exactly what we needed and we were relieved to get back to the house with a sleeping toddler.


Sunday went by quite quickly. We had a lovely breakfast and then took a stroll around the farm for one last chance. Definitely William's favorite part. He loved the llamas! 


The weekend was exactly what we needed! We had a chance to relax and celebrate before another crazy week!  

Cheers to successfully taking our toddler with us to a wedding!