Milestone Baby

*this is a sponsored post.

Having a hard time keeping up with the baby book or documenting milestones? Don't feel ashamed it happens to the best of us. I'm so glad I finally have but the feeling of being a bad mom to the side because I found a replacement of keeping up with milestones. That replacement would be Milestone Baby Cards! Milestone cards are exactly what the name is. Super cute cards that have a milestone on each. From a birthday to setting the table for the first time. These cards are perfect for snapping a picture of this special milestone! The best part? They have so many different milestone card packs. We got to try the toddler pack! Now everytime William does something new or it's a special day all I have to do is grab one of the adorable cards and have William hold it up to take a picture! You can obviously see how adorable they are below! I no longer have to worry about each chalkboard looking the same as the milestone board before or if it's actually cute. I've wrote a couple offerings they have that make these cards amazing below and also a couple snaps of my wild William with his Milestone Baby Cards!

  • They have a special set of cards just for activities. (For example, the first zoo trip)
  • They have wedding cards for pre-baby couples. 
  • They have pregnancy cards.  
  • They have baby cards. 
  • They have toddler cards.
  • They even have a couple special baby card packs. Such as, twins.  
First day of school picture!  

First day of school picture!  

Not so sure about turning 3?!? 

Not so sure about turning 3?!? 

Not posted, our new officially potty trained picture! It shall be up this week. Until then, I definitely urge you to rethink the time consuming chalkboards or writing out milestones! Grab these cards instead and stay up to date!

Cheers to Milestone Baby Cards!