Another Day

Well to say the least this week has been crazy! It was election week, we had a few transitions as a family, and it's beginning to get chilly! I'd like to focus on the election for our weekly post. I get it, you've heard it all! This isn't to complain, be sad, or fight about the decisions that have been made for a new president. This is instead a post for hope and stating what I believe is important for my son to know regarding the election. 

Everyone has opinions. We love our country because everyone gets to have their own opinion. I don't believe in showing hatred towards others if they don't agree with my opinion. I truly want William to understand that every arguement has different sides and rather than hate the other person, show respect. He will not see me cursing at the tv after the election or calling others inappropriate names. I want him to know that instead of using words, you get involved! No not protesting, but making sure that the things you believe you got involved as much as you could to make sure they succeed.

I'm guilty of sitting back and ignoring the political chatter. This election has encouraged me to be involved with the things I believe in and truly show love for our country/others than hate.  

I want William to recognize that all yelling + anger creates is hate in our society. This is something that hurts everyone. It saddens me to think the image of people protesting violenting might be an image William will always remember. 

You might think well she must not be passionate about the country but I indeed am. It's the point that William might grow up and have totally different views than me. That is completely fine, I just don't want him to think you can't work together with someone who does.   

Therefore, this election has taught me as a mother to show respect, love, and support to the things I believe in. In doing so, I hope for William to acknowledge that love and hard work is what helps you move forward, not hate. 

Cheers to love, beliefs, and our country!