Quiet Clubbing & William Fashion

Oh yes, you heard right! Quiet Clubbing. We totally did it. Only in NYC would this be a typical family outing. As a couple, we've had yet to attend a silent disco. However, when we saw this option just around the corner from our house at Brookfield Mall we totally jumped at it. Especially since William is really into dancing right now. So what did we do? We made it a family event. Below is our outing details of everything you must know about our Quiet Clubbing experience.

How did we find it?

Luckily, we walk through Brookfield Mall almost every day to get on the subway, go to the store, and just to hang out. We're so very thrilled of all the events they have hosted this season. Did I mention, they've also been free. Quiet Clubbing is becoming quite popular for a couple reasons but the best is because well IT'S QUIET! 

Outfit is everything!


If you know me, you know there is an outfit for everything. This event was no different. William's attire came from the darling Little Babe Designs. Located right here in NYC their modern children line is to die for. I mean look at this cute little sweatshirt that William is wearing. Not to mention perfect for the occasion! 

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Gotta warm up:


William at first gets a little overwhelmed with large groups in the city so we decided to make a plan to ease him in. After waiting in the line we showed him how we put on our headphones and let him decide to try them on to. He actually was a huge fan of them so that was a piece of cake! Tip: Make sure the volume isn't blasted when you put them on your child. This could end the trip instantly. Next, we walked over to the dance floor. Instead of forcing him in. We let him look around and observe. We let him recognize other kids and kind of chill out for a second. After finding little girls he was interested in he left us and went to stand with them. He showed us. 

Dance Away

Finally, after he recognized a couple different songs he liked he jumped right in. It was time to dance! We had a blast! I did realize that if he didn't know the song, he didn't want to dance. Quite the picky tot. The headset had the option of changing between the three dj's. All dj's played very different styles of music. All in, it was quite a family experience. Some people were absolutely amazing. I can't say we've been to anything like that before. 


After dancing away, he was ready to head home. If you can't tell from this photo he was ready for nap time! Until our next Quiet Clubbing event!

Cheers to Quiet Clubbing!