A Booze Swap We'll Never Forget

Not a year goes by that we don't try to have our annual booze swap party. When I say annual, I mean this swap has been happening before I even met Sebastian. He loves this party. We contemplated on even trying to have it this year because it's our first year in NYC and well it's a financial struggle. Sebastian convinced me that having it was a must. That we needed to show William no matter how much of a struggle, spending time with friends can happen no matter what. I completely agreed. This invitation, however, went out two days before the scheduled swap. My OCD self obviously freaked out. Not to mention, I actually had work on the day of the swap. I knew I wasn't going to be home to prepare for the party. Sebastian convinced me that the boys would prepare for the party and not to worry. Well, I wasn't prepared for our crazy little weekend. Below is a breakdown of our weekend. This is a year I will never forget in terms of our booze swap. 


Saturday Morning

I woke up to a winter wonderland outside. It had snowed and I mean snowed outside. I grabbed my boots and headed off to work. A day of birthday parties. The boys were snuggled in bed when I left. 

Saturday Afternoon

After the first party, I called the boys. Asked how they were doing. Sebastian informed me that he was going to take William into the office for a second and then they were off to do errands for the party. I was at ease. I figured they'd be fine. I got a couple msgs during the parties that William didn't want to be at the office and it was going terribly.

Saturday Evening

I was running late when I left work at 6pm. I was rushing to make it home. I didn't even check after sending a msg to the boys to make sure they were home. I assumed they were. I got home to realize no one was at our house and I didn't even have a key to get in. I kept calling Sebastian and no answer. By luck, I called his office. I quickly realized they were still at the office. They hadn't left Sebastian's work all day. I panicked. Quickly asked for him to call everyone and cancel the party. He said he was on his way but to get the house ready. I rushed to take a shower, clean, and be presentable.  


20 Minutes Before Start

I threw on my ugly sweater and skirt. Then raced downstairs to the market to buy some cheese, a bottle of champagne, bottle of wine, and a couple other snacks. I still assumed the boys would be back in the midst of this. I threw everything on plates, and started getting the boys clothes out. 

Last minute snacks. So pitiful.

Last minute snacks. So pitiful.

Party Time!

The first set of guess arrive and well I'm a mess. I apologize, tell them what has happened, and start pouring them drinks. Guests keep arriving and I'm in total stress mode. I keep calling Sebastian and he says I'll be there in 30 min. every single time. Everyone is hanging out but waiting on them to arrive. At 10 pm after a lot of apologies, drinks, food, and stress I call Sebastian to tell him I'm taking a cab to pick William up. He insists he's coming and not for me to come. Everyone is good sports and keep hanging out waiting on them. At midnight, after a couple guests have left, Sebastian walks in with William asleep on him. I finally can breathe. Poor little guy had sat at the desk with Daddy the whole day while he worked on a deal. Everyone was so happy to see Sebastian. We of course didn't actually do the swap but drank the bottles instead. I placed a rush order for Papaya Dog. We drank, laughed, and ate. We all couldn't help but just make fun of the whole situation. It was nice to have good friends who understood, calmed me down, and stuck with us in the midst of our chaos. We might not have actually done the swap but it was one for the books. We will never forget this crazy weekend and a new memory we have with NYC friends. 



After waking up after a crazy Saturday, we were convinced that Sebastian would get to spend Sunday with us...wrong! He woke up to missed emails, a conference call, and stress. We had planned to take William to the Holiday Train but quickly turned into Sebastian having to go to the office. William and I decided to take our own little adventure. We headed to Brooklyn for a little party! I had heard about The Little People Party at Brooklyn Bazaar before but we had never been. I thought this would be an awesome trip for the poor little guy who spent the day at daddy's office the day before. 


If you can't see from our pictures, William had a blast. The area was perfect for kids. They also were blocked in. No worrying about them running away. Tons of toys, live band, and plenty of kids. William was in heaven. I didn't get to take advantage of it but they also have a bar for parents. You can have a drink and let you children enjoy. William fell in love with a little girl who was attending the party as well. They played and played. The cutest party was them holding hands and dancing! Admission fee is just per child. It was $15 for the whole time. You could order food for the restaurant below and they would bring up. We will definitely be heading back. William was so obsessed with the disco ball, bubbles, and the band. Below is evidence that he really loved the band. 


Adventure and chaos created a weekend we will never forget. 

Cheers to our first Booze Swap Weekend in the city!