Holiday Traditions

It's not shocking that the holidays are in full swing and I can't be more excited about it! Treats, holiday decor, family time, and themed drinks...yes, please! This year especially is extremely special to us since William actually recognizes Santa and all things that come along with the Holidays. To say the least, William is obsessed with Santa. It's absolutely adorable. However, we're working with him on teaching him that Santa doesn't live in the Brookfield Mall because well he wants to go see him every chance he gets (can't afford his Santa addiction haha!).

For me, I began getting very anxious. My holidays growing up were amazing. Filled with traditions, laughter, and so much fun. I started to stress out thinking about how I was going to create this for William. With both sides of our family having wonderful traditions it's so hard being away from them this Holiday. With this in mind, I was determined to create some family traditions our own that incorporate both sides. I've put together a little list of things to keep in mind when creating your own family traditions. I'd also love to introduce my Merry Little Cookie Party Box that I created with traditions/families in mind. 

  • What activities does your family enjoy together? Think about them and add a little holiday twist. It's the easiest way to guarantee fun. 
  • Sometimes the best traditions come from unexpected activities. If you do an activity and realize it was amazing then keep it in mind to do next year.
  • Go with your childhood traditions. We make it a fact to continue one tradition from each side of our families. That way we feel that it's even and we continue them.
  • Have adult traditions? Ours, in particular, was a booze swap with friends. Guess what? We're totally doing it even though we're parents. Keep your adult traditions and add a fun kid activity with it. Invite those friends over that also have kids. You don't have to be unsocial just because you have children. 
  • If you don't like a tradition you started then don't continue it. It's that simple.
  • Trying to go over the top? Don't. Your kids don't care about it being over the top. If it's fun and new they'll love it. Your excitement excites them. You can spend all the money on a tradition and realize they hate it. 

Merry Little Cookie Party Box

I'm so excited to introduce the Manhattan Underground Toddler Society Holiday Box. This little box is perfect for a cookie making party + writing lists for Santa. If you haven't seen the reindeer antler headband you must! This box includes the perfect items to spread holiday cheer. It can be ordered for 4ppl or up to 8ppl. Be sure to take a peek before they're all gone!

Cheers to Holiday Traditions!