Romance after kids?

The assumption is always made. Can romance exist after kids? My answer, duh! It's not easy but you have to work for it. As a couple you MUST make it a priority.

Is every part of your days romantic after kids...well no but just because it's not romantic every single day doesn't mean intimacy isn't there.

Confession- was our relationship more romantic without William? Of course. We didn't have someone else to share our love with. It was just us two. We had the opportunity to plan romantic dates/surprises more easily. 

So what happened you ask? Life & love. As you grow & develop a more intimate relationship with someone you become more comfortable. With that also deeply invested. When we became more deeply invested in our love & life together we did the most romantic thing in life. We had our lovely son. The day we found out we were having our son changed our lives forever. Our romance took a new height. We weren't only loving each other we were loving our son together.  

So now you ask, how can you make your Valentine's Day romantic being pregnant or with kids? Don't you fret I have just the ideas for you. Let's begin with if you're pregnant. 


I will never forget my first Valentine's Day pregnant. I wanted to keep our romance alive. I spent hours trying to figure out what to do. I was battling with the insecurities of my pregnancy body. Tips?

  • Depending on how far along you are, going out in public could possibly be hard/tiring. If you're up for it by all means GO! If not, continue to my next tip. 
  • Know your body. If pregnancy is making you tired schedule something earlier in the evening & consider spending the night in.  I know-well that sounds boring BUT I have just the ideas to spice it up. 

My pregnant Valentine's Day I planned a scavenger hunt! What kind? Well I set it up around the city we were living. One place was our first date, a couple others that went with where we had our first kiss etc. Each place had an envelope. The envelope said what Sebastian was suppose to buy at the location & then a clue for the next spot. The ending location was a pizza place that served deep dish Chicago pizza, which was our first trip together. Once completed we were set for a dinner at home.  

Yes, the dinner was at home BUT I was comfortable. I felt romantic & we enjoyed a night in alone. It gave us time to reminisce & chat about what we were excited to come!  

Valentine's Day ideas after kids. 

Again-if you can get a babysitter go for it. However, it can be hard as well as expensive. Our first year with William we didn't have the opportunity to get a sitter. Instead I planned a romantic night at home with the peanut attending. So how do you do it? 

  • Plan for romantic time after the kid/s go to sleep. This doesn't mean you can't celebrate with them but plan for some time with just the two of you after they're asleep.  
  • Get each other excited about that time. Send cute texts (yes like you're in high school), tell them you can't wait to celebrate later.  
  • Cook a meal that's special to you guys or order in something that is special. Key word, "special" it can be anything.  
  • Pick up a favorite wine, beer, drink that brings back memories or you enjoy together. 
  • Like to cook together? Do it!! Cook up a new recipe together.  
  • Arrange a place for you to sit. I like to set up a picnic. It's very relaxing.  
  • My husbands go to to be romantic is to make me a craft cocktail. To me is romantic because he tries to impress me. 
  • Put some music on. We love to listen to the Sinatra Pandora while we relax. Pick something you both like.
  • Talk & listen! 
  • Flirt- don't be shy flirt with your love!  

Below are a couple pictures of our first Valentine's Day as a family.  

Other ideas?

  • Fondue night- a fun little night in! This year I'm planning a fondue night & wine tasting for us once William goes to sleep! 
  • Grab a movie to watch
  • Both do a questionnaire- with questions like, "what was your favorite date?". Both of your answers might be different which can be fun to explore together. 
  • Make a cute book of memories as a couple.
  • Write a letter! As an English major, something is just so romantic about reading a handwritten note. 
  • Get dressed up for a night in! Impress each other!! 

Don't stress about being romantic. Relax, our best nights together are the nights that totally fail & we can laugh about them later which make us our own kind of romantic! 

Balloons for William-he had quite the obsession.  

Balloons for William-he had quite the obsession.