The Mama Hair

Getting ready in my house lately has been a disaster.

When William wasn't walking yet it was so easy to get ready. I would put my giggly little baby in his bouncer or chair right in the bathroom with me as I got ready and there was nothing to it.

These days, William is having separation anxiety just from me being in the other room. Even if my husband is here he doesn't let me go upstairs without slamming himself on the ground and screaming. Attempting to take a shower ends with William screaming and he takes my hands to make me get out of the shower. When I try to do my hair & makeup William sits on my feet. Needless to say, I have to rush to fix my hair. With our crazy schedules & William not letting me get ready I came up with a process to look presentable + feel good about my hair! Below are the lovely items I've found & love to death!  



List of products:  

  1. 12 benefits  
  2. Gorge- I'll make you look amazing daily spray
  3. Rusk- elixir mist
  4. R + Co dry shampoo  
  5. Whish revitalizing cleansing oil

*Side note: I've found all my products through Birch Box! It's a moms dream!! I don't have time to go look at new products in the store so paying $10 a month for samples of new products is awesome. Not to mention you get points for reviewing the items that turn into cash to use to buy products! The NYC store is gorgeous. Located in Soho. They actually have a blow out bar in the downstairs that will show you how to do certain hairstyles.


Okay, Now the Mom Hair Process: 

Step 1:  Wash your hair. I love Beauty Counter products. I use the Clean Everyday Shampoo. It's sulfate free & nothing less than AMAZING! I also use their conditioner!



Step 2:  Brush your hair out and spray a light amount of 12 Benefits on your wet hair. Then let air dry. I occasionally blow dry my hair but I try my best to not use the heat and let it dry by itself. Gives me time to run around the house with William.

Step 3:  Once dried, I usually brush it again and then turn on my straightener. Your welcome to use your curling iron but I've found to make curls last the straighter is LOVELY! If your not sure how to use your straightener to curl your hair there are tons of YouTube videos. Or wait for a later blog where I'll explain. I usually do smaller tighter curls. That way they have room to fall out.  

Step 4:   After I've completed curling, I take a small brush and lightly brush some curl out. I usually use a comb to give a little volume.  

Step 5:  I spray Rusk- Elixir mist on my curls. It gives your hair a little shimmer and the ability to lay well. It also smells pretty good. I only spray a little hairspray if I absolutely need it. I try to stay away from hairspray because I find it creates a sticky mess for days to come. 

Next Day:  

Step 6:  I wake up and spray Gorge- I'll make you look amazing daily spray  . I usually again use a brush to make my hair lay the way I want it. Day 2 usually looks a little more beach wavy and natural. 

Day 3: 

Step 7:  I wake up and spray the R + CO dry shampoo  . I spray a light amount into the roots of my hair. It takes away oil and gives your hair an extra day of life! On day 3, I usually pin my hair half up and might spray a little hairspray! 

*You could honestly go for day 4 if you want to use the dry shampoo again but if your curls have completely fallen out I'd say start the process over!  

You must be wondering why the Whish cleansing oil  hasn't been mention yet...well that's because it's for your face. It's my fave thing to use to get my make off quickly each night. You place the oil on your dry face then wipe it off. It's just a little extra item for you to use!  


Day #2  

Day #2