The Spectrum

Early in my visits to Cali I was lucky to be introduced to The Spectrum Shopping Center in Irvine. (It's so nice to have family members who also have children to give advice on places to take them) William was way to small to enjoy the features at the time but he finally did this trip. 

Spectrum breakdown: Lots and lots of shopping, a carousel, a small train that goes around the mall, SUNSHINE (It's outdoor), a playground, a splash pad, and a wonderful selection of children's stores. 

I set out on a mission to shop for our family. However, shopping with William these days are what some may say impossible!! My plan was we will play at playground (to get him worn out), eat lunch, and then mommy shopping time. 

Our plans changed a bit- We played at the playground and then William found the splash pad. I was totally surprised. Usually he doesn't like the water spraying upwards. Boy, was I wrong. He loved it! Not to mention the amount of kids running with him through it. It got pretty toasty so it was completely refreshing for all of the children. 


Did I mention there are tables and chairs set up around the splash pad. 

Parents can enjoy the tables that are so very close to their tots. I enjoyed watching him play and drinking my coffee!!


Jeannie and Mini

After splashing away we wondered down the walkway. Right into Jeannie and Mini. As a East Coast Mamma I really love my baby & toddler boutiques but find it hard to be blown away by the shops here. Stopping there, I was amazed. This cute little shop had all my favorite recommendations and more. I was in heaven!! William of course found the little train table and toys that are set up for the tiny shoppers. He had a blast. I could spend all day in there. They also have a reward program that's free and I highly recommend. If you're wanting to see the latest trends or cute items please stop in. They also have a ton of Skip Hop items. William fell in love with a little dinosaur lunch bag. I also found out later in the afternoon I can order from their online site! Joy!



There are many options of places to eat. However, I have no choice in this matter. William races into Cheesecake Factory every single time. I don't blame him. They're so great with getting his food out fast and offering him bread + bananas before then. He really loves his cheesecake factory!!


Finally Mommy Time

After lunch William fell fast asleep in the stroller. What does this mean? Mommy shopping time. Even if I'm not purchasing I love to walk around the center. I managed to stroll into Anthropology, Nordstrom, and Cotton Kids. It was a relaxing afternoon. 

Below is the link for the Irvine Spectrum.