Toddler Karate

I know what you're thinking, toddler karate?

No way is my child doing that.

I'm not going to lie, I totally said no when the idea was introduced. I didn't think William needed to learn how to fight anymore than he already does. Well I was very wrong and I'm so glad I was talked into giving it a try.

Here is my list of why I love William taking Toddler Karate...

It teaches control:

The main focus in the classes is controlling your body. Whether it's sitting to wait for your turn, to try your sequences, or controlling your body on a balance beam. Your tot will learn how calmly control their body.

It follows a schedule:

Each class is structured. However, there is equal movement times + calm times. 

It gets energy out:

One part of the class is an obstacle course. There's jumping, doing bear crawls, running, and sometimes sliding. It's a sure way to get that energy out.

It teaches toddlers to listen:

In order to participate in the class, your tot has to listen to the instructors. The instructors are so very patient it's a little frightening. All of the kids are absolutely fascinated with them.

It teaches toddlers about team work & friends:

All of the kids clap for one another during the class, teaching to support. At the end of the class the tots can't leave until they high five all their teammates and put their hands in together. Not only is it adorable it also builds friendship.

It's fun: 

William loves the class! He gets so excited every single time we arrive at the class and never wants to leave. When we aren't at the class he wants to practice the movements with us. 


Where to go? 

We were lucky to be referred by a dear friend in the OC. We attend OC Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts . They provide different schedules for the class. We attend Sunday classes because it works best for us. I highly recommend trying this class! I plan on looking for another place to go when we return to New York City that is very similar. 


I hope you rethink saying no to toddler karate and give it a chance! I can't imagine our Sunday's without it.