When Daddy Leaves

Through all of our fun adventures this week we’ve actually been struggling. What you won't see in the pictures are William not sleeping, asking for daddy, having meltdowns if I go to a different room, and refusing to listen.

Am I frustrated with him? No.

Why? Because his daddy just left to go back to the city for work. If it's hard on me, I know it's difficult for him. My husband (Sebastian) is an Investment Banker. To be truthful, his hours are horrible. However, he doesn’t do it because he enjoys being away from us. He does it to provide for our family.

From having Daddy around 24/7 to him being gone for a month is a big transition. He's only 2, he doesn't understand that Daddy has to work so we have an income.

The first couple of days without Sebastian are always the worst. I can't walk around the house without a little monkey attached to my hip. Constant meltdowns and crying. To be honest it’s horrible. I keep telling myself you can do it and pull yourself together so William can use you for support.

What’s even harder is putting on a smile when I talk to my husband. He knows it’s hard for us but if he knew our struggle it would break his heart. It’s not like he enjoys being away from us. He does it for our family to survive. He works extremely hard to provide for our family and to give me the opportunity to be the support for our son at home. So, I get on the phone put on a smile and show him how much we miss him. We tell him how proud we are for starting his job in the city and can’t wait to see him next month.

These rough days have me run down, emotional, and exhausted. So what do I do? I stop feeling sorry for myself. I acknowledge my Sebastian's sacrifices and come up with ways to get through this struggle.

I plan a fun weekend for William and I. I know it won’t make William forget about his dad being away. However, I know it’s a way for us to relax, laugh, and make the best of our time together. My other way to ease our struggle is to have a picture book handy that is just pictures of my son with his dad. With William starting to talk more, he loves to read books. I noticed he started to favor our Shutterfly book we made for my in-laws. I ran with this idea and created one just of William and Sebastian.


Do these always work? No but it’s comforting knowing I can use them when needed. The rest of the month will not be easy, but with my family in mind I can get through it!