LatherUp Mitts

A huge thank you to LatherUp Co. for sponsoring this post!

It seems lately the only consistent schedule in our travels is William's bedtime routine. No matter where we are I try to incorporate the same routine: Bath time, teeth brushing, books, then bed time. My favorite, bath time. I love to giggle with William while he calms down and gets clean. However, actually washing him is another story. With busy William just wanting to play in the tub I must quickly wash him so I don't get screaming and crying. I quickly realized, washing with a wash cloth was not an option. William would grab it and throw it. Now I use my lovely LatherMitts.


What you need to know:

  • LatherMitts are made to wear during bath time do get your little one squeaky clean
  • They are extremely soft. Made from terrycloth
  • There are various sizes so you can find the perfect fit.
  • They are made with safety in mind. To avoid slipping if holding your child.
  • They are very easy to lather up on.
  • Perfect for around the ears. (Before William wouldn't even let me touch them)
  • Easy to get on and off.
  • Super fast to ring out and dry.
  • The creator/inventor is a mom.
  • Each pair is $20.

Why you should try them:

You and your child will both benefit from them! William thinks he's getting a delightful massage and I have the ability to clean him quickly (not to mention thoroughly). You can be consistent and pack them in your suitcase wherever you go.

Where can you get them?

At the LatherUp Co. website of course.

If you click on the buy tab you can complete your purchase!

Hope you love them as much as we do!