Toddler Y Glider

As William gets older, he is starting to not want to be in his stroller. Which results in me thinking he will walk the whole time but actually walks only part (I end up carrying him). I've spent countless hours trying to figure out what to do. I started to look at scooters and bikes. My mother wanted to by William a bike for her house so I thought this would be the perfect time to give it a chance. She decided to purchase the Y Glider 3 in 1


Because it acts as a bike and scooter. That way we can switch it if we like. It also is recommended for tots. The reviews online convinced us. My mom purchased the scooter and Captain America helmet



  • Grows with your child.
  • Is small.
  • Learn to steer feature. 
  • Doesn't do sharp turns which results in less wrecks.
  • The handle bar can be moved up.
  • Seat is detachable.


  • It doesn't fold up but does fit under a stroller.
  • To remove the seat you must unscrew.
  • Doesn't have the feature to change the steering once they can learn to steer.

Taking It For a Ride:

William instantly loved it. He rode it along my parents side walk. For the first week we only used it for their house. Then I decided to be adventurous and take it up to Columbus with us. I thought it would be perfect for a day out at The Commons with my bestfriend Jessi + her adorable baby Miki.  The stroll started out great as we set out to walk to The Commons. We made it all the way there with no problems at all. Until it was time to head back. William was tired and didn't want to ride it home. It turned into me carrying him (because I didn't bring the stroller) and then had to put the scooter under Jessi's stroller. 

Final Thoughts:

Love the scooter and definitely will use it more. However, I think we're going to either take it for short strolls or bring it along with our stroller. We're just not quite to the point that we don't need a stroller.

Would love recommendations on what you use or other scooters you like!