Our Moo Stroll

I don't know about your little one, but William has always been obsessed with farms. He loves to play with his barn, animals, and tractors. If he sees them he goes crazy. It could possibly be the fact that my grandparents have a farm but whatever it is his face lights up. So, where ever we may be traveling I always take a look to see if there are any family friendly farms nearby. We've been to quite a bit but this farm has a special place in my heart. First of all, the Young's Jersey Dairy Farm is in Ohio. Very close to my parent's house. Second of all, one of my earliest memories with my little brother is visiting this farm during our Summer daycare program. We were in love with it. I hoped William would feel the same way as we set out to do a daily stroll to Young's Jersey Dairy Farm. If you don't already know: Young's Jersey Dairy Farm is located in Yellowsprings, Oh. As the name says it's a dairy farm that's been around since 1869. Not only is the farm super family friendly but admission is free to walk around. Activities do cost but are very affordable.

Below are our details on our stroll, what to do and why this farm is so kid friendly! 


Grab a cone!

It's obviously a dairy farm. The ice cream is to die for!

You can feed the goats.

Only $.25 for a handful of feed. 

Go inside the barn to see the animals.

You can play!

Walk over to the Kiddie Corral Area. You can get a wristband for $7.50.

It includes unlimited play in the Kiddie Corral Area and unlimited rides on the barrel ride.

Details are below of what comes with the unlimited play. 

Plenty of ride on John Deere tractors to ride on the track.

FullSizeRender (86).jpg

Play in the corn! A sensory trough full of corn and tractors!

A Cute Farm themed playground in the kiddie Corral.

Yes, That's hay!

Take a ride on the Movers and Shakers Barrel Ride

There are plenty more things to do that we actually didn't get to like: A large slide, putt putt, a restaurant, and store. William kept saying "Moo!" the whole ride home so I know he had a really good time like I did when I was younger. I look forward to bringing him back over the years when we visit my parents! I highly recommend this lovely farm and especially with fall time coming up. They have wonderful Fall family events!

Check out their site!