A Date With Thomas

With so many different things going on in our lives right now, I completely forgot to plan a date night with William. So, I decided to make up for it by taking William for an extra special day with another extra special person. Check out our date day!

Where to this week?

A day out with Thomas. You might recognize this event because well it's been all across the United States. We, however, have managed to miss it anytime it was near us. This time, we were just in luck! It was being held in Lebanon, Ohio. Which so happens to only be 45 minutes away from my parent's house. A Day with Thomas includes a train ride on Thomas, fun activities (mentioned below), and appearances by a couple Thomas the Train characters. 

William, just like any other toddler boy, loves Thomas. He will occasionally watch the show but that's not what he loves the most. He adores the toy trains and tracks. At Dartmouth, the bookstore had a Thomas the Train track table. We spent a lot of time at that table. There he fell in love with trains. If we see a train passing he immediately yells, "Choo Choo!". This is exactly why I thought maybe he'd enjoy the event. 

Meeting Thomas

I wasn't sure if he would be scared meeting Thomas or excited. It's hard to tell what reaction you're going to get from a toddler. William's reaction? Amazement. I think he said, "Wow!" a hundred times. We stopped right in front of Thomas to snap a few pics. I wasn't surprised when William wouldn't turn around to let me take a picture. I actually didn't blame him. I clearly rank behind Thomas!


We took a peak at which train car we were going to be sitting on. Our ride wasn't until 11:15, giving us an hour and half to explore. 


Behind Thomas, was so much more than I expected. We, of course, ended up in the tent with all the train tables. I was shocked that the number of kids in the tent were all playing friendly and together. 


Beside the train, table tent was two bounce houses for the kids to play in. Again, what toddler doesn't love to bounce. The bounce houses and trains were our favorite stops but there was a ton more here is the list:

Lifesize Checkers

A Hay Maze

Tattoo Station

A Viewing Tent

A Gift Shop- Our least favorite. Due to an unexpected fit. Needless to say, we left without purchasing anything. 


A Picture Area With Sir Topham Hatt




After some fun in the extremely hot sun we headed over to get in line for our ride. All of the kids were jumping up and down with excitement! We were greeted and welcomed cheerfully on the train. William insisted on telling me to look out the window again and again. My only complaint, the train wasn't air conditioned. On a normal day this would be totally fine but of all days the humidity was pretty intense. You can see our sweaty faces as we waited for the train to move. 


Once we actually started moving the kids were all silent. They all peaked out the window to wave at everyone they passed by. William heard the Thomas song playing over the speakers, with excitement broke out into a dance on his seat. The ride was not too long or too short it was actually quite great. In the middle of the trip they stopped the train to explain Thomas was tired and he needed help. The kids just loved this. They all yelled at Thomas with encouraging words. Right before we ended our ride they came around to hand each child their own conductor certificate. As you can see William was really proud.  


Although not our typical weekly date William just lite up. He didn't fight me as we walked back to the car he actually held my hand. I know this was because he was tired but I'd like to think it was that he appreciate the day! I know he will never remember this trip but watching him associate the toy trains to life size trains makes the best day date for me! 

Here is the site for A Day with Thomas.  


I hope you enjoy reading about our date & cheers to the next Mommy + William date next week!