Finn + Emma

This is a sponsored post! We are so delighted to team up with Finn + Emma to give you this post.

Since the day William turned 2 years he has been giving his opinions about what clothes he enjoys wearing and what he wants to wear. One of our constant struggles is finding William pjs that he will sleep in the whole night and are durable. That's why we are so happy we've tried the Finn + Emma pj's! 


They are made out of G.O.T.S certified organic cotton. Which equals complete comfort. They are also made with non-toxic, eco-friendly dye. The snaps are nickel and lead-free. They feature coconut inserts.

Here are a few reasons why we personally like them:

They are breathable.

There's nothing worse than having pj's that feel way too stuffy. William sweats quite a bit and having the fabric breathable prevents that. 

We can use them for a long time due to sizing.

William was able to wear a size 4. I at first thought they were going to be too big but I was actually surprised. They fit perfectly but give room for him to grow. The fabric is designed to get as many uses as possible out of them. 

They are durable after a few washes.

After a few washes clothing usually, fades but not these pjs. They have endured quite a lot. William is extremely rough on the knees of his pj's but we have yet to see any fading or tears. They can endure washes and keep up quality! 


We're so happy we found some pj's that work for us & we think you will like them too! We can't wait to try the rest of their products.

Check them out: Fin + Emma