Tribute To My Favorite Person

This week has been extremely hard. We lost my Grandfather. William and I received the news and rushed back to Ohio on a red-eye to be with my family. It has been the hardest thing my family has went through. My Grandmother is devastated. He was the love of her life and she has never been with another. My Dad and Aunt are being as tough as they can be for her. My cousins and siblings are just as broken as I am. But we are all sticking together like he would want us to. 


My Grandfather was my best friend, mentor, and my favorite person. I had a close bond with my Grandfather from the moment I was born. When my parents got a divorce, we spent weekends with my grandparents. My dad was working frequently so our visits were through my grandparents whenever we weren't with my mom. Meaning we spent a lot of time with them. 

I know everyone says their grandpa's are the best but words can't express how true it is about mine. He was a one-of-a-kind person. He was strict, crazy, had many tales, but he had a huge heart. I wouldn't be the person I am without him being hard on me and rewarding me. He taught me how to work hard, respect others, and experience life. He pushed me to step outside of the box. He also taught me to never settle for less. There will never be a person that can replace that man in my life.


I thought to pay tribute I would write a couple of my favorite stories including him. Below are my favorites. 

  • He taught me how to ride my bike and laughed every time I ran straight into the tree.
  • I sold him my Brother's cars. They didn't belong to me and still I managed to get 3/4's of the money. He would frequently pretend to go to his room and tell Brandon he was playing with his cars. Two years later, he wrapped the cars up in a huge box for Christmas. I was beyond furious that Brandon was getting a large present. However, it wasn't really a huge gift it was actually those cars. Grandpa laughed so hard when Brandon opened it up.
  • He would make us eat gross food and then ask us why we would ever try it.
  • He surprised me with a car when I got my licensed. Told me we were test driving it but really had already bought the car. 
  • He would constantly finish a bottle of Diet Coke and throw it backwards in his kitchen. We never understood how he had amazing aim. Whatever was behind him he would hit.
  • He would taunt me on Facebook with pictures of William. He took staged photos of William with Coke bottles, cake, and other foods. He would tag them saying, "This is what we do when mommy isn't around". 

William was so blessed to have the chance to spend time with him as well. He might not remember it, but I will. It made me so happy to watch them together. William would constantly stay there, call him, and get boxes in the mail from him. They would include all the tractors William loved and plastic horses he adored. I will continue to tell William stories about his Grandpa. I will make sure Grandpa's farm plays a role in his life, like it did mine. 


I will never forget my Grandfather. He was the backbone of our family and the my roots. Although he won't be around, I will always think of him. The farm, fried chicken, cake, and horses will never be pushed to the side in this family.

I'm so lucky to have the rest of my family by my side during this time. We have chose to stick around Ohio until the end of the month. Giving us time to grieve, be with family, and enjoy the farm. I will be blogging about our Ohio adventures this month and ask you keep my family in your thoughts as we keep moving forward.