Goodbye Summer

As I sit here, I'm a tad bit emotional. Today was our last day on the farm before we leave. We plan on coming back soon but it's always so hard to say goodbye until the next time.


Tomorrow we pack up my parents van and venture to our new home in Battery Park. It's terrifying, right? I've been with family all Summer. It's been so great to have help and get assistance. Not to mention, people who understand me & give the best advice I know. This Summer is definitely in the books.  I can't help but want to say, thank you to all of our family members who helped us + spent time with us this Summer. You have been truly amazing and have no idea how I could have survived without you. We are beyond thankful for our supportive family and will continue to keep family a top priority for William. 

Here are the details on our "moving in stroll".

My lovely husband has already got our apartment keys and is supervising movers to move all of our items from storage to our apartment. A huge help! I don't have to worry about our stuff arriving and it will already be there when we arrive.

Tomorrow afternoon we pack up the van with my mom, stepdad, and sister-in-law. We're driving straight through the night. It's around 8.5 hours. We're estimating arrival around 2-3ish in the morning. Depending on our stops and breaks. You never know when you're traveling with a tot.

Once we arrive, I'm so excited to have the help from them to organize all of our stuff. We, of course, are showing them around the city. It's Haley's first time in the city so we have some fun things lined up for her. Hopefully, William will let her enjoy. He's a bit obsessive of her. 

Finally, they all are heading home one Monday. We will be extremely sad but will have to get ready for our busy week. William starts school this week!! 

Cheers to our moving weekend + please wish us luck!

Stay tuned in for details on our move in!