A New York Minute

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "A New York minute." Well never did I ever think I'd be living it. No lie, it's completely fast paced and everything can change in a blink. The positive- there's never a dull moment or a time to be bored. Our last week has flown by. It's been absolutely crazy but a wonderful time. Now that our family has two parents working outside of the home and a toddler in school + a nanny we've been learning a lot. I'd love to share with you a couple tips I've learned this week about being a full-time working mama, blogger, mama, and wife. 


Organization is key

I know, I know- you hear this constantly. However, I can't stress it enough. If I'm disorganized, my whole family is. I honestly have to sit down and think my day's out to be able to get everything done I need to. I put together a schedule to follow and try my best to stick to it. I also really love to write to do lists. It might be the OCD in me but I like to cross them off. I feel accomplished. If I don't plan out every little thing then guess what? I get a million texts of questions or reminders and feel completely overwhelmed. Every night I lay out all of William's clothes + school stuff so it's ready to go. I even have a dry erase board for our incredible nanny to look at with notes of things she might need. 

Plan time to spend without the phone and computer.

I never really thought I'd not be able to put my phone or computer down but it's happened. I realized as I was at the playground with my husband & William that I was totally zoned out. I was answering emails and totally ignoring them. That's when I decided to allocate time to being phone free. Yes, it's still in the bag but I'm not answering emails during that time. I also allocate times to be on my phone and computer. I set up a timer in our house so William knows sometimes Mama needs to do work.

Cherish those moments.

Two weeks ago I would have totally been like well I get to enjoy the park with William all the time, not a big deal. Now, I'm totally obsessed with being able to spend some time at the park with him. Honestly, cherishing it. I never realized how stress-free an hour at a playground with my family would be. I get to laugh with them and enjoy the time I get to be with just them. Take advantage of that time. You realize when you don't get it as much, how amazing it is. 

Share with your kids.

I didn't think William would quite understand about Mama working but he's actually grasped it. He likes to hear about my day and I like to tell him. I think it's super important to let your kids know why you're working. I want him to see me passionate about my career so he one day will do the same. I also want him to know I love having time with just him. 

Decide a time (even if 5 min) to spend with your husband. 

So, in other families it might be different. My husband is an investment banker. Absolutely crazy hours. Most nights I fall asleep doing work and he hasn't even made it home yet. What I have been able to figure out is whenever we can get 5 minutes, put the phone away and just talk. I miss our conversations in person and not via text. I know it might sound silly but those five minutes really are great! This last weekend was the first time all month we actually went to sleep at the same time. Just watching tv together was absolutely amazing. So set time aside.

Obviously I'm still learning. It's only been a week but I really hope these tips can help other mamas who are just like me. 

Cheers to a New York minute!