Subway Mama Edition

Moving to NYC has been quite a transition.

First to do on our city challenges? Conquering the subway.

Those words are quite intimidating. To be honest it is scary. I didn't grow up in a city that you rode the subway so the whole experience it quite new. I honestly looked like the horrified mother walking down to the subway. Over this week, I've learned a couple tips to help other new moms or moms of tots. Alright, let's begin so you won't look like me on your first time using the subway mama style. 

  1. Plan Ahead. As a mom, you clearly have to do this on most days. It's a given but when you're planning on using the subway for transportation you must plan your trip beforehand.
  2. Know your google maps. Seriously Google Maps is a blessing. I'm not sure how I would manage without it. When you press directions there's a special tab just for using the subway. It's awesome. It tells you how to walk to the subway and then which to take. Even tells you each stop on the subway ride. Things to know...sometimes service goes out on the subway so read the stops before getting on.
  3. If possible buy your subway card ahead of time. My first mistake. I had to buy a subway card with an excited toddler beside me. I had to grab his hand to keep him from running and pay for a card. If possible definitely buy one ahead of time.
  4. Swipe then use the handicap door if bringing your stroller. My first thoughts were how am I suppose to fit a stroller through the subway entries? Well I quickly realized you swipe the card then pull the handicap door beside them. One of the workers will push a button to let you go through. So much easier than picking the stroller up and carrying it over the entry. 
  5. Know your city directions. Two things I learned quickly..know the city directions. Google will tell you which subway to get on but know if you're going uptown or downtown. Very different directions and it can really mess you up if you choose the wrong one.
  6. Look up the elevator situation. So, some subway stops do have elevator access. Some however do not. If you go to the subway website it can tell you all the stops that have them. Definitely take the elevator if you can. I highly recommend using a carrier if you dont have to bring a stroller. If bringing a stroller, bring the one that is super light and easy to fold up. 
  7. Pack entertainment. Sometimes subway rides can be long. Pack a book, tablet, or something your child loves. It will keep them occupied and lower your stress level. I always pack a couple snacks as well just for emergencies. 
  8. Wear comfortable things. Carrying a child and/or stroller is hardwork. Wear things that are comfortable and you're not going to hurt in. The subway also can get hot. Inside the subway is ac but not while you're waiting for it. Learned my lesson very quickly when I sweated my life away. 

Hopefully these will help you. We are just beginning our subway adventures so I'm sure there will be more tips/advice to come. Wish us luck and cheers to conquering the subway mama style!