Ringing in 2017

Oh, what a crazy year this has been. Our New Years was even crazier this year. I know I had mentioned it in a prior post but William needed to get his adenoids and tonsils removed due to his sleep apnea. We happened to schedule the surgery a day before New Year's Eve because we knew it would be a time both of us could be there with him!  

Part One:

A couple tips we learned through the process: 

-Surgery prep was actually quite fast. Before we knew it he was asleep and in surgery.

-The more William got to help prep the more he was okay. The nurses were so amazing and so interactive with him. He helped get his blood pressure and all his vitals. He obviously thought this was the most fun.

-If you show signs of being nervous your child totally can read it. I was a nervous wreck that morning. I haven't been with William in the hospital like that since he was in NICU. He was quick to read me. I noticed if I started getting fidgety he would get whiney. I had to take a deep breathe and pull it together for him.

-Anaesthesia was no fun. I read tons of mom blogs and info pages about the surgery. Nowhere does it tell you that your toddler might wake up half asleep kicking and screaming. I wasn't prepared for it. I assumed he'd be tired. However, it's a side effect of the anaesthesia and it's most likely due to the fact he's dizzy when waking (not to mention has no idea what is going on). I was literally having to hold him down on me. He attempted to pull out his iv. This lasted a good 20 min. Quite a disaster. The staff was great in reassuring us that this was normal but some mental prep before walking in to it would have been amazing! We finally got him to eat a popsicle and I calmed him down. 

-Everything will get so much better when you can take them home. Once we were out of the hospital he was much calmer. Just rather sleepy. After some Tylenol, he just napped off and on for the day. It's very easy to see when the Tylenol wears off because of how cranky they get around the time for another dose. He was quite cuddle and refused to let me leave his side. I hate to admit that I enjoyed him needing me. 

-The rest of the day we drowned him in popsicles and juice. He had a little raspy voice but nothing too terrible. 

-Don't spend too much time worrying about your child not eating. Think about it...would you want to dive straight into eating after the procedure? We didn't obsess over his eating. We just obsessed over making sure he was well hydrated. 

-After a couple cranky days, they will be back to normal. Honestly, he will never remember the procedure and its just extra work for you to make sure you control his pain. He occasionally will bring me his hospital bracelet to make me remember but doesn't get upset or show signs of any fear. He shows more signs of being proud. 


Part Two:

Our little New Years celebration.  


With William's surgery being the day before New Year's Eve it left us little chance of doing something for New Year's this year. Instead, we celebrated our anniversary the only way we could...together and at home! Our night was full of decorations, yummy foods, movies, champagne, and family time. It might have been our first New Year's we've ever spent at home but it was nothing less than special. I have never been so excited to get into bed instead of going out. As a family we were so very exhausted. 


Cheers to seeing how the surgery benefits William in the long run & a wonderful new year!