My little Valentine

With Sebastian having to work crazy hours this year, a Mommy + William Valentine's Day was the plan. I honestly didn't think William would be that into Valentine's Day but leave it to Curious George to spark his curiosity. With all his excitement, we technically started the celebration on the 13th. 


We ate yummy cupcakes, read Valentine's Day books, had heart shaped pizza, and started writing out our Valentine's Day cards. William gave up after he realized he had way too many Valentine's. 


The 14th started with work for me. After I arrived home, William was wide awake. He insisted on no nap. He was too excited to give me the card he made for me and a box of chocolate. His favorite word this week is "Heart". After having some lunch we hopped downstairs to decorate cookies at Le Pain Quotidien. The advantage of having it right below our apartment- I can find out about their events by grabbing a quick coffee. Usually, I'm worried about William being overstimulated by crowds but this was the perfect fit. It was in their small side room and super comforting. Not to mention, the staff is always so wonderful. 


After cookie decorating, it was on to the next activity for our date...Kidville Fidi's Valentine's Day party! We've done classes + haircuts there before but have never attended a party. We crossed this off of our bucket list. William, of course, fell asleep on our walk over but after realizing where we were he woke. It took a couple minutes to get him up but was so excited to explore the party. They had three places to navigate through- upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs they had the cutest room full of pizza, candy bar, and yummy snacks. Downstairs they had a room for crafts/tatoos and then the gym room was set up with the bounce house and play space. William was so excited. He played, met new friends, and pigged out. 


Ironically, it wasn't a struggle when it was time to leave. William had worked up such a sweat he was worn out. We grabbed our balloon + bubbles and headed home. When we got home William was still a little hungry so I popped in his nuggets before bath. He could hardly stay awake for bath. 


Although Sebastian didn't get to spend the day with us we were thinking of him. This year William made a Valentine's day card and helped me curate a special treat for Daddy. I might have helped with picking out the snacks to go with the beer but William selected each bottle of beer. If you look at the labels you can see why. William's favorite was obviously the bear. William might not be able to remember this Valentine's day but these pictures will serve as our memories. The year William fell in love with Valentine's day and Mama found the best events for him to fall asleep early!


Cheers to William being worn out and a sucessful Mama + William Valentine's Day date!