Three Things To Remember During Toddler Tantrums

I don't know why we look down upon tantrums. They suck. We all know it but it's typical in toddler life. For the mom's who look at other mothers and judge them because of tantrums you're totally lying to yourself. They happen and rather than completely discourage them, its all about helping them learn how to deal with their feelings. Even if it makes you want to pop open a bottle of wine while you endure it. Here are a couple of things I've learned while fighting the looks, and rude people during William's tantrums in the city.

 1. The Trigger- there's always a trigger. Notice where, time, and circumstance when it occurs. If William's tired, hungry, or sick this is an immediate trigger. By thinking about it, I can pick up cues on when they're coming. Sometime's it's the place. 

2. Words- You can try all you want to have a long discussion with your toddler during a tantrum but it will get you know where. They're in meltdown form, would you want to listen to an adult go on and on if you were freaking out? Use short and to the point words. Don't sugar coat, it only makes it worse. If they can't handle words just wait it out. Let them get out their frustration. 

3. You're a mom- You might think that you're the only mom that goes through this and you're doing something wrong. Guess what? You're totally wrong. It happens to the best of us. Screw all the rude people, you're helping your child learn to control their emotions. Power through, you can make it. It's not easy. I can honestly say each tantrum takes the life out of me but that's what wine is for. Set up a time after tantrums are thrown or your child's asleep and totally relax. It's exhausting and you shouldn't have to lie and say it's not. 

Cheers to tantrums + wine!