Screw Toddler Sleeping Books

Yep, I totally said it. Don't get me wrong I love to read. I love advice and recommendations. However, I've had enough. I keep searching in books of things I'm doing wrong to get William to sleep but I've come to a new conclusion, I'm never going to find the answer. William is his own child and no matter how much I panic there's not a manual for being a mother to him. This is a fact that I thought I discovered years ago. However, for some reason when I get to an area of toddlerhood that isn't familiar I panic and look for answers.

Why? Because like all mothers you want to be the best mother you can be. William has been refusing his only nap of the day and then refusing to go to sleep early at all. Some say let him stay up till he crashes and gets back on schedule but his schedule is nonexistent. He will stay up all night if you let him. I hear all these mothers chat about their kids going to be around 8 pm. This sounds like a fantasy. William wouldn't dare until 9 pm. Things to do to get him to go to bed early-well I have certainly tried. Guess what? It didn't work. If I do get him to sleep before 10 pm then he somehow ends up in our bed. Which okay, totally fine. Until-he takes over our bed and kicks the crap out of me. Today I find myself writing while he woke up late and then fell asleep early. I totally don't get it. I do, however, know I'm going to quit questioning myself and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Screw following every recommendation and guide word for word. No more sleep theories, or guides. The best type of help is support. Why? Because it helps YOU grow and YOU become the mama you are supposed to be. Something I truly believe in helping mothers. 

Cheers to not understanding toddlers and being okay with that!