The Mama Collection Wine You Need

If you haven't heard me say a million times- I love wine. I also love contributing to a great cause. Mix in some of my favorite mompreneurs and I present to you Speak Wines- The Mama Collection. 

The wines are obviously gorgeous. I mean these quotes can relate to everyone.

The best part? A portion of sales goes to organizations that help mothers and children in need. 

So which mompreneurs are a part of the collection?

 Hey Mamas- Amri & Katya, founders of Heymama. The platform that inspires, creates community and supplies wonderful events. An absolute necessity for mompreneurs. 

Alli Webb- The founder of Dry Bar

Leslie Bruce- NY Bestseller author and contributor who I happen to be obsessed with. 

Morgan Hutchison- Founder of Shop Buru

Nickole Neves- Owner of Sequins Productions

Kelly Mckee-Zajfen- Owner of Little Minis

If the labels don't convince you enough, I'm giving you the final push to start "wining" down for a good cause!

Cheers to Momprenuers + Speak Wines + The Mama Collection