Governors Island

Mother's Day is a the day every year I like to reflect on how blessed I am and appreciate the Mother's in my life. This was our very first Mother's Day in the city and it was nothing short of special. This year after doing brunch we decided to go to my favorite close getaway- Governors Island. I fell in love with it last summer when we got the chance to explore. As it keeps developing I can't help but share how much fun it is! Here's the details of our first trip to Governors Island in 2017. 

Ferry Ride: William's favorite part! He loves boats and I wouldn't be surprised if he has one when he gets older! He was so proud to walk his scooter on! You can buy a ferry pass for $20 for the year. (We totally did because we know we're going to keep going) 


Once we got to the island we set out to rent our bikes! There are two different rentals but we went with Citibike for the day.  


And we were off! The bike path goes around the entire island. Think views, serenity, and safety. 


Not only are there bike paths but there are walking paths to take to capture the amazing views. A little bit of a hike but worth it!  


Food trucks! Yep, right by the playground happens to be tons of food trucks! If you want a beer, Colombian food, or ice cram it's there! We grabbed some ice cream! 


After eating our ice cream we set out to explore! We found slides, hammocks, and even a kids junk yard! Love gardens? Well there's one there too! 


After a patch of rain this rainbow was found. It truly was the cherry on my Mother's Day! There are a ton of events coming up on the island and I really encourage you to take advantage! It's beautiful and a little escape very close to the city! We can't wait to go back to the island! 

Cheers to Governor Island.