The lovely word, "Mama"

Every mother melts when their baby starts saying mama, it's a given. I absolutely love it. Lately, as William has started to speak more this happens to be his favorite word. Mama help, mama no, no mama no no no!  When he's angry what does he say? Mama, mama, mama! All have been said a million times this week. Yes, I love to hear him call me Mama but this week it's got me thinking a little more about being a "tiger mom". I've watched him gravitate to this word because it a)gets my attention and b)I immediately stop what I'm doing to offer help or assist him. Luckily, after I caught myself rolling my eyes at him while he was yelling at me (yes, not a proud mom moment) but it got my attention to what my goal is for the upcoming week. Which is- step back, give encouragement, but let him attempt things on his own. I want him to feel comfortable to try and not feel like he has to have my help for everything. So as difficult as this will probably be my weekly goal is out & as much as I love hearing him call me Mama I know this is a must! Tips are always welcome:)

Cheers to William yelling Mama!